6 Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Going Digital

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6 Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Going Digital

Taking your business into the digital space is a big deal. There’s a lot to consider and it’s often hard to know where to start. In order to help you make all the right choices along the way, we’d like to share with you some words of wisdom before taking that next step.

Not Having Clear Brand Guidelines

Developing clear brand guidelines can help you keep it consistent throughout all things digital. This goes for artwork, copy and anything else that represents your business. And we don’t mean just thinking about it in your head. Write it all down and share it with your coworkers. Having concrete guidelines is also important if you find yourself sourcing digital graphics or working with outside contractors. It ensures that your brand will be understood and clearly represented no matter who creates the content. To learn more about the importance of branding, click HERE.

Underestimating Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many small business owners shun at the topic of SEO strategies (Trust us, that’s normal, lol). Search engine optimization isn’t as scary as it sounds and if approached the right way, it can really help leverage your business when it comes to searchability. And that’s the whole purpose, right? So, your amazing business can be easily found when needed. A common mistake some businesses make is developing their SEO strategy too late or after their website has been built. It’s important to think about the search terms you want to embed into your site that makes your business unique. And then use these terms as building blocks for years to come as your site matures and grows.

Nonexistent Digital Goals

When deciding to grow your business into the digital realm, don’t get greedy. Don’t open every social media account you can think of in hopes to spread the jolly good news of your business in a grandiose way. Each social media channel targets very different customers, so be careful. Open only the accounts that will speak to your core customer. Clearly define the goals you want to accomplish with social media and then consider which channels will best to help you achieve them. This will help keep you and your business focused.

Not Connecting with Your Customer in a Meaningful Way

This goes back to branding and defining your core audience. Once you make your way into the digital world, it’s important to know your customer and communicate with them in a meaningful way. This means, getting to know your customer and catering your graphics and your text to speak directly to them in a way they feel a true connection with you. After all, one of the benefits of social media is the ability to gain consumer trust which eventually leads to brand loyalty.

Ignoring Your Analytics

When developing a social following, it’s hard enough to get used to all the platforms/widgets but it’s also tough for some just starting out to know how to use analytics tools. Don’t be shy, get in there and start learning. It’s the best (and often free) tool you have at your fingertips to grow your business. Use this data to get to know your audience better and tweak your messaging to get better results. The same can be said for website analytics. At first, it can be overwhelming, but it can be useful to help morph your website into a sales tool that effectively speaks to your core customer.

Working in Your Own Little Bubble

Small businesses tend to get stuck in their own little digital bubbles. We totally get the appeal but imagine if you were able to get out of your comfort zone and partner with other companies on a larger, digital scale. For example, if you’re a local doughnut shop owner, consider seeking out a local coffee shop to partner with. Try running joint promotions or hosting events together. Partnering is a great way to help gain a new audience which often leads to more followers and hopefully, more business for you both. It’s a win-win opportunity so why not give it try?

We hope we helped you avoid some common mistakes small business tend to make when deciding to go digital and wish you the best of luck! Check back soon for more useful tips on how to leverage your small business in a big world of competition. If you need help managing certain aspects of your small business or you’d like to know more about the services ARK has to offer, email us or comment below! Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for industry news, inspiration, and helpful tidbits for finding small business success. Sincerely,

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