6 Spellbinding Marketing Tips To Try This Halloween

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6 Spellbinding Marketing Tips To Try This Halloween

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Lookout because the spookiest time of year is vastly approaching. Soon, everywhere you look will be filled with signs of the season, from ghastly pumpkins gracing doorsteps to scary movies popping up on your favorite TV channels. This time of year is also a time for businesses to have some fun with their marketing efforts. And trust us, consumers love a good Halloween-centric campaign as spending surpassed 8.05 Billion in previous years!

1. Bewitch Them with Devilish Designs

There are so many angles in witch you can go with your Halloween designs – ghoulish, scary, fall-ish, or just plain cozy! Depending on your product or service, explore what would appeal most to your target audience. Remember to be clear and intentional with whatever spooky spin you put on your creative graphic designs.

2. Spooky Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story! And the history of Halloween doesn’t disappoint. Curate intriguing stories that will captivate your reader. Beware of getting too lengthy, though! Short, concise copy is what readers love to see this time of year.

3. Treat Your Customers To Personalized Emails

A good marketer never misses an opportunity to 1. Have fun and 2. Incorporate personalization. Create a customized email that screams, “open me!” Some ideas to try would be a virtual trick-or-treat treasure hunt or a revealing offer with a special surprise inside. Don’t forget to utilize your email settings to create the ultimate personalized experience for your recipient.

4. Play Up the Enchanting Aspects

For some, the gory and creepy aspects of Halloween can be a turnoff. So, be careful to create incentives, messaging, and graphics that appeal to what your target audience would like the most. If your audience isn’t a hard-core Halloween lover, play up the fall and cozy aspects of it to capture their attention.

5. Halloween-ify Your Products & Services

Graphically, Halloween can be an excellent time to explore creative ways to present your product or service offering in a neat way. For example, Absolut Vodka created a graphic with pumpkins and foliage in the shape of their classic bottle to promote Autumn. Even the renowned Harley Davidson did a great job taking motorcycle parts and arranging them in the shape of a skull.

6. Try a Fun Freebie

In the spirit of trick-or-treating, the Halloween holiday oozes expectations of freebies. A free item doesn’t have to be anything super expensive, just an item that adds value to your initial product or service offering. Get creative with options that would appeal most to your customer.

We hope you enjoyed these frightfully fun tips to get the most out of your Halloween! If you need help managing certain aspects of your small business or you’d like to know more about the services ARK Marketing has to offer, contact us or comment below! Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for industry news, inspiration, and helpful tidbits for finding small business success.



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