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Our Purpose

At ARK, we are passionate about small businesses and helping them succeed. That’s why our mission is to offer marketing solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. As a true partner, we are dedicated to open communication and a trustworthy business model. We are here to make your life easier, your business stronger and formulate success that exceeds your expectations.

As technology becomes core to every company, our job is to make digital experiences that create human connections. Websites and products that spark joy and bring value to both people and businesses. We don’t just build great products, we put in place a robust software platform and create a visual narrative that will convey your company’s value to users.

We Take Care of Your Business

Aaron started ARK Business Solutions originally in the banking and credit card processing field but quickly realized that small businesses need more than just a service. They need a partner who can help achieve their goals. Enter Teri…

We’ve since become a full service, affordable marketing solution powerhouse with a new name, ARK Marketing. With a new name, comes a new mission to exceed expectations when it comes to our clientele. We understand that marketing’s ultimate function is to drive revenue and everything we do is designed to meet that objective. You won’t find a more hard-working, energetic and committed group with a passion for growing your business.

Meet the Team

There is more than meets the eye; beyond our core we’ve got designers, experts
and managers that help make all the magic that is ARK happen.

Aaron Ruppel

Founder & CEO

teri polan ark marketing vpo

Teri Polan

VPO & Business Manager

Chrissi Elender

Office Coordinator

Ben Theriac

Account Manager

Bella ARK Marketing Associate

Bella Angell

Marketing Associate

Maggie Taylor

Social Media & Content Manager

Zane Williams

Account Manager

Brad Worthy

Digital Ads Coordinator

Jessica ARK Marketing Graphic Designer

Jessica Brack

Graphic Designer

wendy green ark marketing marketing associate

Wendy Green

Account Liaison

Emmanuel Grandeza


Kat ARK Marketing Social Media Coordinator

Kathryn Gilbreath

Social Media Coordinator

Tom Luxton

Account Liaison

Jasmine ARK Marketing Videographer

Jasmine McQuillin


Grace ARK Marketing Social Media Coordinator

Grace Wood

Social Media Coordinator

Michele Ruppel


Natalia Stovall

Marketing Assistant

Tori Smith

Creative Administrative Assistant

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