All-in-one marketer case study

Case Study

The difference one central marketing vendor makes to a client

Project summary

This client has worked with several marketing companies in the past but started working with ARK in Q4 of 2020.  After analysis of their current provider, we found inconsistency with their marketing efforts and wasteful spending. ARK has cleaned up and centralized all their Marketing/Advertising efforts. The owners have saved time and money by moving everything to a single company and gotten better results with less spend. Their business had the best Q1 of its 15 year history after working with ARK. They are now expanding into new markets because of the increase in business.

The Strategy

We started advertising for this client March 2021.  Advertising goals were to:

  • Maximize leads using location targeting and conversion tracking (calls from ads and website contact links)
  • Create brand awareness using display ads
  • Increase lead quality using Local Service Ads
  • Increase social reach and brand awareness using social media advertising

Proven Results

We all had a challenging 2020, so to show a fair comparison, we’re reviewing Mar 2021- Aug 2021 to the same period in 2019. 

ARK’s advertising efforts drastically improved website performance. Users, new users, sessions, pageviews, page/session and bounce rates have greatly increased and improved. We have increased brand awareness and improved user experience by correctly linking ads to what potential customers are searching. We also follow user trends to improve where ads are showing. In addition, ad extensions get contact information directly in front of potential customers, which has attributed to the success shown here. 


New User Increase


Bounce Rate Decrease


Increase in PageViews


Increase in Sessions

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