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The Value of Online Reviews

ARK Blog The Value of Online ReviewsLet’s be honest, reviews can be a little scary. You put your heart and soul into a business that you built from the ground up and the last thing you want to hear is that a customer has a bad experience. It can be disappointing and...

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need SEO in Your Life

ARK Blog Top 7 Reasons Why You Need SEO in Your Life Many small businesses are aware of search engine optimization (SEO) and its effectiveness to drive traffic to their websites. What some do not know is that it’s so much more than that. We are going to cover some of...

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Tips & Tricks for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

ARK Blog Tips & Tricks for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Many small businesses view pay-per-click as a complex moving target. This is true but there’s a strategy for managing campaigns, making them searchable and keeping the cost low. All too often entrepreneurs will...

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