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4 Benefits of Directory Management

ARK Blog 4 Benefits of Directory ManagementResearching a business is a lot easier than it used to be. Whatever did we do before Google?! Gone are the days of looking up local businesses in a phone book. Everything is digitally driven and if you’re not actively...

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Determine The Perfect Marketing Spend With Ease

ARK Blog Determine The Perfect Marketing Spend With EaseWant to spend money on marketing and advertising but don’t know where to start? Determining the perfect marketing spend is almost like finding that proverbial unicorn in business acumen. Most want to know if...

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Google & Facebook Ads To Cure Your Sales Woes

ARK Blog Google & Facebook Ads To Cure Your Sales WoesEvery year businesses, large and small, establish lofty sales goals and develop strategies to meet those goals. Whether it’s adding to your sales force or investing in new marketing trends, we’re here to share...

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Marketing Essentials for Your Small Business

ARK Blog Marketing Essentials for Your Small BusinessStarting a small business can mean wearing a lot of hats. There’s always a ton of items on your to-do list and unfortunately, marketing often is at the bottom of the list. Some entrepreneurs enjoy marketing their...

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The Power of Email Marketing

ARK Blog The Power of Email MarketingMost feel like email marketing is the ugly stepchild in their general marketing mix. Simply because it’s been around for a long time and it’s highly competitive. Think about the number of personal emails you receive a day and how...

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5 Killer Facebook Marketing Tips For Local Businesses

ARK Blog If you’re a small business struggling to juggle it all, we’ve got 5 killer Facebook marketing tips for you. These tips will guide you in leveraging your Facebook business account to build your brand, rank higher, and tap into your local community.Depending on...

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5 Productivity Tips For Small Business Owners

ARK Blog 5 Productivity Tips for Small Business OwnersWe know how it is. When you're a small business owner, time is money. You may find yourself chasing your tail when it comes to keeping you and your team on track. We've got some productivity tips and tricks to help...

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