Competitive Ad Spend Case Study

Case Study

A sample showing that a small increase in ad spend budget can make a huge impact when utilized efficiently.

Project summary

This client had worked with a local traditional advertising company for years.  They were so hesitant to make a move to ARK, but after the switch they said they will never go back. After our first review meeting, the owners quickly realized the difference that working with ARK would make. One of the owners stated, “I just accomplished more in that 30 minute meeting than I ever did working with our old agency.” When taking over an advertising account it’s important to listen to the new client’s reason for wanting to make the switch to a new agency, and to understand the client’s goals. ARK Marketing analyzes take-over accounts to make sure budgets are competitive and aren’t spread too thin over too many advertising ideas. ARK has 5 divisions that go to work after a marketing review meeting is complete. Because everyone is on staff, we are able to answer all of our clients’ questions about ROI and future strategies. All of these things are direct factors that always lead to great outcomes, especially with this client. 

The Strategy

For this client, we wanted to make sure we focused on the budget to get the best outcomes possible. Our goals were to:

  • Find the correct advertising budget to help prevent ad spend waste
  • Understand the search market for the client and audience to be able to bid effectively and at the right price
  • Perform market research to understand top performing keywords and to get insight on digital advertising competitors

Proven Results

By hyper-focusing on this client’s main objectives we were able to provide them with more customer traffic and more conversions. We’ve built strong keyword lists and strengthened negative keyword lists to reduce ad spend waste.  The client is now reaping the benefits of more website traffic and higher conversions rates per impressions. In one year’s time we saw drastic improvements in multiple areas by increasing the ad spend budget. Just as we did with this client, we help all of our clients become top performing digital competitors.


Top of Page Rate Increase


Site Traffic Increase


Increase in Conversion


Conversion Rate Increase

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