Display Network Case Study

Case Study

A sample showing the same budget going just a tad further, but making all the difference.

Project summary

We were able to move this client’s display campaign away from a competitor. ARK was allocated the same exact budget but provided an outcome of measurable proportions.

The Strategy

Given that this was a display campaign, impressions are notoriously higher than search campaigns. That being said, we wanted to make sure the people who do click on the ads are making a difference.

  • Proper ad placement on the display network
  • Provide a clear description to customers so they know what they are clicking into
  • Great Landing Pages that are relevant to the ad and the market

Proven Results

ARK was able to make the same dollars get our clients more local traffic to the website, higher rankings for more keywords, and all at a lower cost per click.


More Clicks


Average CPC Lower


Increase in Traffic to Website

Keywords Locally Ranking 1st

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