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Facebook is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience because it is the largest social media platforms, with close to 3 active billion users. Using specified paid social media ads, you will be able to see actual results.

Our Facebook Ads Process:


Business exploration and goal identification

We create a social media ads strategy unique to you and your business. We want to know as much as we can about your specific business before crafting these strategies, so we invest time into learning about your business, how it operates, and what your goals are to give you the best results.

Before we can build anything, we need access to your Business Manager account:


Ad creation and design mockups

When working with Facebook ads, specific offers generally work best to find customers. We will work with you to produce the most advantageous offer to best advertise to your potential customers.

Following this, we design a few different ad designs specific to your brand so that when your potential customers scroll through Facebook, they aren’t seeing the same ad over and over. Once we have these designs ready, we will send them to you for approval before starting the next part of the process.


Campaign configuration and launch

At this point of the process, we actually start working in Facebook. If you have an existing account, you can give us access to it, or, if you don’t have one yet, we will create one for you. Once we have access, we will personalize your settings so that your ads are popping up on the feeds of the right people. Some of the specific settings include:

Once these steps are all completed and your budget is confirmed, we will publish the ads.


Optimization and reporting

We want your ads to be as successful as possible, so once they’re live, we aren’t done working. If some versions of your ads are working better than others, we keep track of that and will pause the weaker ones to help streamline your budget to get the best results.

Additionally, we will continue to update you on how your ads are performing until the campaign ends.

Using Facebook Advertising

When using Facebook advertising there are a couple of ad formats available that include:


Using videos is one of the most used ad formats.


Sometimes less is more. Photos do a lot with a little.


Slideshows use a series of pictures to tell a story.


A carousel is a series of photos with different captions that users can swipe through.


Dynamic ads are banners that automatically change in order to adapt content and promotions specifically to each user.


Canvas Ads are full screen ads that offer users a more immersive experience.

Lead Form

Lead Form Ads encourage the user to fill out a form.

With this, Facebook comes with the ability to allow business owners and managers to track the performance of the ads and engagement.

Are Facebook Ads Right for You?

Since Facebook ads are for people just scrolling on a social media platform and not for people actively searching for a service, these ads are generally used to create a demand for a product, not necessarily fill it. Instead of asking your viewers to commit to a purchase, try something like filling out a lead form or subscribing to a newsletter.

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