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Hire Us As Your Marketing Director

Pssst: And you don’t even have to train us ????

You have a marketing budget, now what? Not sure where to spend it or what type of marketing would best benefit your business? These are common questions small business owners ask themselves. That’s where ARK Marketing Management comes in. We become your agency on record and run your marketing efforts as an in-house Marketing Director would. We’ll work with your vendors and agencies, manage your advertising messaging and dollar spend, as well as target additional efforts that grow your business within your budget. We know marketing is not a one size fits all venture. It’s an ever-changing arena and we’re here to guide you to make sure you get the most out of your marketing budget. You’ll benefit from our partnership in the following ways:


Free Up Time – Get out of the weeds and focus on high-level initiatives and leave the marketing to us


 Peace of Mind – Know that trusted experts are working on your behalf in your best interest

 Lower Costs – Avoid on-boarding fees and time spent training multiple employees

For more information about how ARK Marketing can guide you in the wide world of marketing, give us a call at 888.501.1221 or shoot us an email at hello@marketingbyark.com. If you’d like to peruse other services we provide our clients, please visit our portfolio page HERE. If you’d like marketing insights, news, and just a little nudge to help you make it through the day, follow us @marketingbyark on Facebook and Instagram. 



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