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Every business is different. When we develop a partnership, we immediately start fine tuning a marketing mix custom to your needs and budget. We develop a plan with clearly defined goals and expectations. We learn, adjust and get better as we go until you’re happy with the results.
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Why Choose Us?

Every business is different. When we develop a partnership, we immediately start fine tuning a marketing mix custom to your needs and budget. We develop a plan with clearly defined goals and expectations. We learn, adjust and get better as we go until you’re happy with the results.
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Without a proper marketing strategy, customers will never be aware of a business or its location, products, or services. We will help you communicate your brand message through a variety of marketing solutions for your company from business cards to websites and everything in between.


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Marketing Management

Not sure what you need? Just don’t have the time, patience or expertise to do it right? Let ARK Marketing manage your marketing. You’ll get the benefits of a marketing team, without the stress of more employees. We’ll work with vendors and advertisers on your behalf, and make sure your brand is controlled.

Still not convinced that you need a marketing agency like ARK instead of an in-house team?

Based on experience, especially if you’re a small business owner, you should consider hiring an agency. Here’s why…

You don’t need to on-board, train, and manage an agency.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of hiring a new employee is the process of bringing them into your company and having them understand their role. Some businesses spend months on the training process alone. Even after all that is done, you’ll still need to spend time managing the employee and making sure they stay on task. With an agency, it’s a whole other relationship. There is no on-boarding, training, or managing to deal with on your end because that is handled internally by the agency’s management team. This frees you up to do what you do best-run your business.

You’ll save a lot of money.

One of the first questions business owners ask when trying to determine whether to hire an agency or an in-house team is, “What’s the price difference?” You might be surprised to hear that an agency, overtime, will be much less expensive. Here’s how:

  • You won’t need to pay payroll taxes since they are an independent contractor.
  • You won’t need to pay benefits/healthcare costs.
  • You won’t have to pay for any of the expensive tools that are needed to properly run and track a marketing campaign.

If you’re thinking that those are just minor expenses, you will also want to take into account that to get the experience and expertise of an agency you would need to hire premium employees. On the flip side, a marketing company may only charge your small business anywhere from $500 to $10,000 per month (estimated) depending on your needs.

You’ll have access to a team of experts.

If you’re looking to hire an expert to manage your marketing campaigns, you’ll need the budget to back it up. However, if you decide to hire an agency, you won’t just have access to one expert, you’ll have access to a team of experts. The number one benefit to hiring a marketing agency is that they have worked on similar campaigns in the past. This means they know what works and what doesn’t especially if they work with clients in the same industry as yours.

Marketing Experts are Ready to Help!

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In today’s market it is important to have a website, especially one that can be seen from a cell phone or tablet. Whether you’ve already got a site or you’re starting from scratch, we’re the best match. With our creative and expert design team, the possibilities are endless. We have your success in mind and we can help you get started now. Contact us today and we will get started right away building you an amazing, professional website that represents your company and business.

Tier 1 Website

Stewart’s Integrity Services

Stewart’s Integrity Services provides the next generation in hydrostatic testing for the pipeline and petro-chemical industries. In an effort to reach out to more potential customers, Stewart’s Integrity Services contracted ARK Marketing to develop a new website. Using a pre-designed website template as their foundation, ARK Marketing was able to customize the new website using SIS branding and content.

Tier 2 Website Samples

Longhorn Liquor

Longhorn Liquor is not your grandpa’s liquor store. Proud of their collection of Wine, Spirits, and Beers, Longhorn Liquor wanted to expand their contact page to a multi-page website providing customers the opportunity to view all store locations’ history, contact information, and events including scheduled tastings. ARK Marketing crafted a website incorporating the Longhorn Liquor objectives and brand.

Green Light Kitchen

Green Light Restaurant wanted to update their site and separate themselves from their existing GLCater website, but stay true to their locally grown product. ARK Marketing was able to create a site that not only represents them as a company but also highlights their incredible food.

Modern Dermatology

Dr. Norman May was looking for a full rebrand; logo design, business cards, website and more. ARK Marketing gave Dr. May and his team a clean, modern logo and mirrored it throughout the rest of the marketing collateral. Now, Modern Dermatology looks just as forward-thinking as the services that they offer!

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Branding + Brand Awareness

We believe that a strong and compelling brand is essential. A brand is your most valuable asset. Used correctly, it is the simplest way to communicate to your customers and audience that trusted experts are enhancing their business with the latest advances in your company’s area of expertise. By allowing us to design your marketing pieces, this further ensures a consistent brand and creates brand awareness.

Cobb Family Chiropractic

After taking over the practice, Dr. Cobb needed to distinguish herself in the area as a new chiropractor. ARK Marketing provided Cobb Family Chiropractic with a fresh website, business cards and letterhead to match her brand, and leave-behinds for doctors’ offices and trade shows. Now the colors and logo are easily recognizable in the community and Dr. Cobb’s brand is truly visible.

Branding is Key to Reaching your Customers

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Search Engine Optimization + Pay-Per-Click

Over time SEO is by far the most effective way of making sure you get regular, consistent traffic to your website. While SEO can be very easy to explain, it is a very complex and time consuming process to execute. We help improve the rankings and positions of  your site’s pages in selected search engines and report results on an ongoing and timely basis.

PPC is a quick and easy to adjust way to push traffic to your site, when done correctly. We make sure you’ve got the right audience and right content to make the most out of the money you’re spending on clicks.

Efficient Systems

As a company that had previously done all of their advertising with multiple companies, Efficient Systems allowed us to prove our worth. We were able make less money go further, allowing for more marketing opportunities. Read more about it here.

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Park Avenue Cleaners

Long-time merchant processing customers, Park Avenue Cleaners, sat down with ARK Marketing to see how we could help them release some of the marketing duties. ARK Marketing not only created their brand new logo, anniversary logo, and new website, but also now manages the Social Media and Email Marketing campaigns. Now they can focus their time where its needed in the business knowing that the community is still hearing from Park Avenue Cleaners.

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