Search Network Case Study

Case Study

A results driven example of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Project summary

Our long-time website client had been working with a competitor for their digital ads. When they found out that ARK provides this service as well, they decided to give us a shot. Instead of just moving from the competitor to us, they had both of us run campaigns at the same time.

The Strategy

Given less dollars to spend, we were able to make the dollars go further. We continued to work on our approach to get the best results possible.
  • A/B Testing of Ads and verbiage
  • Top Quality Scores to ensure higher positions for less money
  • Great Landing Pages that are relevant to the keywords
  • Select Keywords that make sense for the campaign

Proven Results

Using just over half the budget that our competitor was given, ARK got better results and continues to do so today.




More Clicks


Better CTR

Average Position

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