Targeted Ads Case Study

Case Study

A sample showing that creating relevant ad content, along with effective bidding, positively affects website traffic and conversions.

Project summary

This client started working with ARK at the very end of Q2 in 2020. As with all of our clients, we routinely monitor market trends to ensure we’re targeting the client’s intended customer base. We do this by analyzing search queries and ad placement, and this was an especially important focus for us here. Our priority was to get this client in front of their digital competitors by creating relevant ad content and bidding efficiently. Focusing largely on this, we have been able to improve this client’s top-of-page results, and ad relevance, which has led to increased website traffic and conversions. In addition to increasing ad relevance, we also wanted to increase social media content relevance as we knew this would positively affect engagement.

The Strategy

For this client, we wanted to make sure we focused on targeted and relevant ad content. Our goals were to:

  • Get this client in front of their digital competitors by creating relevant ad content
  • Bid efficiently on the relevant ad content we produced
  • Improve top-of-page results

Proven Results

ARK’s advertising efforts drastically increased the number of new users visiting this client’s website. There was a 303% increase in new users within this timeframe. This increase resulted in a broadened reach which can also be observed within Google Ads. Advertising efforts also drastically increased the number of conversions with Google Ads. The conversion rate increased by 286%, and even better, the cost per conversion decreased by 36% allowing for more conversions for less ad spend. In the realm of social media, Facebook page likes were increased by 22% which can be attributed to more social posting that is relevant, relatable, and useful to this client’s audience.


Increase in New User Site Traffic


Increase in Conversion Rate


Decrease in Cost Per Conversion


Increase in Facebook Page Likes

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